The magic of making soap!
First, all the liquid oils are weighed and added together, the sodium hydroxide and water are mixed together and the solid oils are weighed and added together then melted. All the oils are then added and mixed  together. The sodium hydroxide/water mixture is slowly added to the oils. This is slowly stirred to combine the oils and water together and then blended with a hand blender. This is the point when the essential oils are added. For this recipe, Patchouli and Sweet Orange with Organic Cocoa Powder, the mixture (now called batter) is split into two separate containers. The cocoa powder and oil mixture is added to one container and blended into the batter. The cocoa coloured batter is slowly poured into the prepared lined mold with the other uncoloured batter slowly poured on top. This is then stirred to form the marbled effect. A small amount of cocoa powder oil mixture is drizzled on top to make the pattern. This is then left for at least 24 hours for the magic  of saponification to take place. The soap block is then cut into bars and left to cure for a minimum of 6 weeks before use.